Manufacturing Facilities

We have continuous casting machines to manufacture various copper base alloys in semis form.

For finishing of semis we have facilities as listed below:

  • Cold rolling mills
  • Flattening mills
  • Rod breakdown blocks
  • Wire drawing machines
  • Superfine wire drawing machines
  • Draw benches ranging from 5 tonnes to 25 tonnes.

Production Facilities

Testing Facilities

We have full fledged testing equipments for chemical Analysis and physical testing of the various alloys and products we manufacture.

For physical testing we have facilities viz.,

Hardness testing equipment vickers type
Tensile testing machine
Hydraulic type of 10 tonnes capacity
Electrical conductivity meter
Metallurgical microscope with computer interface
Shadow graph for checking profiles

Chemical analysis is done by wet analysis as per IS or Specified standard.

We follow all quality norms and documentation required as per ISO 9000 standard.

Materials are manufactured confirming to IS/BS/ASTM/JIS/DIN specifications or customers own specifications.

Universal Testing Machine
Testing Facilities